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Analog and digital print design

You don't have to be an artist to make a beautiful artwork. With some hacks it takes only 5 minutes to get a charming sketch. And some of them you might like to use online.

To digitize it you don't necessarily need a scanner, I took a picture of my artwork, put it in Adobe Photoshop, selected the brush strokes put them on layers and puzzled them together in a seamless print. Or simply use it as a placed print, which is the easiest way. Only scan and paste it. With the seamless technique I also developed the background on my homepage. My video below will give you a quick overview about how to make a analog pattern design and digitize it afterwards:

To make a seamless pattern using the pattern tool in Illustrator you will find detailed, very well and easy described information in the video below:

If you once created a seamless pattern you can use print it on flyer, brochures or textiles as you wish. The tool is easy to use and it makes a lot of fun working with it :)

Have fun designing!


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