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The Lemonroom introduction

Welcome to the very first blog post of

Foremost, let me introduce myself. I am Lea Gutsch, an apparel and graphic designer from Munich, Germany and based in São Paulo, Brazil. I graduated from the fashion school “Deutsche Meisterschule für Mode“ in 2016, after a period of four years. It included a comprehensive program in various areas of communications, graphics and fashion design. During my education I already worked on some interesting projects. It started in 2015 when the well-known freestyle skier Bene Mayr turned to me in order to make a custom designed ski outfit. I designed and produced six ski outfits and created the corporate design for my fictive sportswear brand “Akes“. I received a special appreciation of my work from germay‘s biggest newspaper “Süddeutsche Zeitung“, when they published an article on the subject along with my project.

To get an insight into my design work, don‘t hesitate to take a look at my portfolio on this website. It includes a selection of projects I've done during my education and at the apparel design agency Grand Studio, where I worked after my education with clients like Billabong and Intersport. There I also created the concept and yoga collection of the trend book "The Third Eye". From 2018 to 2019 I was employed at Marinepool, a sailing wear brand from Munich. At Marinepool I was responsible for the creative development of the sportswear collection.


This year I decided to get self-employed to realize my idea of creating an online shop that provides tech packs and print designs. Especially small sportswear brands can profit from downloading ready made design tech packs instead of hiring an expensive designer. I will remain offering my individual creative service, also to adjust the downloaded tech packs if it is required.

Decisive to built an online business was to get independent of a location, too. The importance of digital work gets primary nowadays and in the future. It is about time to jump on the train.

The name "theLemonroom" comes from an early adolescent experience in which I visited a girl whose parents had a large house with her small family of three. One of their rooms simply had no use so they only put furniture with their favorite motif: lemons (just to enjoy the view). Own a lemon room, basically interpreted to create a space for your favorite visualizations so turned into a life goal. And I made it virtual.

I don't have an original picture of this room but this image of comes pretty close.

Definitely not my style...


Plans for the Future:

1. Tech pack and print design online shop

You will be able to download apparel designs with ready made tech packs and print design files (rapport and placed prints). A tech pack is a digital sheet with technical drawings of an apparel design piece plus the information the supplier and pattern maker needs to develop the style. Note: the files will be sold as an opened PDF. That means you can adjust content and colors as you wish. theLemonroom tech packs have no material information and measurements included. It is recommended to note this data separately.

2. Design blog

I will steadily update theLemonroom blog with what I've learned and experienced. Including inspiration, tips, tricks and researches to improve your design skills and how to get self-employed as a designer. Especially made for those who are not well experienced but want to know more about the techniques or make design your hobby. Many tend to think their creativity is not blossoming enough to start creating, but there are many design insider tricks, training your brain to come up with new ideas. Designs you can earn money with or simply give your white t-shirt a style update. Design is for everyone!

Beside of the shop and blog, I will remain offering individual creative service, specialized in sportswear design, corporate identity for apparel brands, visual communication and creative consulting. If you're interested I am more than happy to get in contact with you and answer your questions!

Have an inspirational day!


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